Ultimate Healing Bathtub

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The Ultimate Healing Bathtub is a Brand-New Revolutionary Slide-In Bathtub, designed and engineered by the most brilliant minds in the Industry. This incredible Bathtub, took 5-long years, along with millions of dollars to invent, engineer and develop. No safety or ease of use features have been taken for granted or overlooked. This Amazing Bathtub will help people of all ages, ethnic cultures and backgrounds to relax and enjoy life, while they are cleansing themselves from the toxins of the world, safely along with soothing their pain and discomforts. The beautiful, sleek, aerodynamic design is not only practical, it is Gorgeous. Learn more about us HERE.

Air Jets Massage and Loosen Muscles

Control Panel For Customizable Experience

Chromotherapy For Soothing Rejuvination

Heated Backrest

Drains in less than 15 Seconds

Anti-Gravity Door

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Please take a look at our videos for use with: Walkers, Wheelchairs, Caregivers and Air Dry w/ air jets.

"I can enter in and out easily and it's so relaxing!"
Mr. & Mrs. Stevenson
"The control panel makes it so easy to use."
James M.
"The heated backrest and the air jets are my favorite!"
Kara R.
"Being able to get in and out from my
wheelchair unassisted is a lifesaver"
Merideth H.
"I installed Healing Stone with my UHB
and my bathroom looks beautiful!"
Kelly S.
"The Chomotherapy helps me relax after a long day."
Mark D.

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How quickly does the tub drain?

The tub will drain in 10 to 15 seconds via a reservior basin beneath the bathtub.

What happens if the power fails?

The bathtub automatically drains and the door drops, for easy egress in the event of a power failure..

What is the tub made of?

The frame of the tub is made entirely from Medical Grade Stainless Steal and the casting of the tub is made from acrylic for easy repair and maintenance. This leaves the tub 99% bacterial free!

What does the control panel do?

The control panel allows you to open and close the drain, control the air jets, use the heated backrest, control chromotherapy lights and emergency exit.

What are the benefits of Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, decrease muscle tension, improve circulation, relive SAD (seasonal affective disorder), regulate mood, increase range of motion, improve sleep patterns and more!

What are the benefits of Air Jets?

Air Jets help to release toxins, revitalize loose skin, increase circulation, gently massage muscles and more!

Is the door easy to use?

Yes! The door requires less than one (1) pound of force to open or close.

Is the tub easy to get in and out of?

Yes! The tub is designed to be easy to enter and egress from a walker or wheelchair.

Please take a look at our videos here: Walker, Wheelchair, Caregiver.

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