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The Evolution of the Bathtub Ends Here…

The Ultimate Healing Bathtub is a Brand-New Revolutionary Slide-In Bathtub, designed and engineered by the most brilliant minds on the Planet and in the Industry. This incredible Bathtub, took 5-long hard years, along with millions of dollars to invent, engineer and develop. No safety or ease of use features have been taken for granted or overlooked. This Amazing Bathtub will help people of all ages, ethnic cultures and backgrounds to relax and enjoy life, while they are cleansing themselves from the toxins of the world, safely along with soothing their pain and discomforts. The beautiful, sleek, aerodynamic design is not only practical, it is Gorgeous.

Can you Imagine, Owning the Safest, Most Revolutionary and Luxurious Bathtub in the World?

How would that increase the Quality of Your Life?

You Can own this Awesome Bathtub…and You Deserve To have One...or Two… Or maybe Three…

The Sky is the Limit…

It is Affordable…

And I’m going to help and assist you, on how to get this Ultra-Unique Invention into Your Home.

So, you can rest assured, that when you get home, after working a long hard day, tired, sore, stressed and confused.

Call today to learn more about the amazing features and opportunities that were offering!

The ”Ultimate Healing Bathtub”, will be waiting for you…

With Wide Open Doors… Strong, Powerful Air Jets…. along with Soft Hot Water and Chromotherapy, to help and assist you to:

  • Reduce the Swelling and Inflammation in your Sore Muscles, Tenons and Bones

  • Decrease your Muscle Tension

  • Improve the Circulation of your Blood

  • Give you Satisfying Relief of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

  • Increase your Ligaments Range of Motion

  • Release Toxins Out of your Body

  • Revitalize Loose and Wrinkled Skin

  • Enjoy a Gentle but Powerful Message

  • Regulate Your Mood Swings

  • Improve your Sleeping Patterns

  • Gain Tremendous Anti-Aging Benefits

  • Live a Higher Quality of Life

  • Live More Comfortable

  • Live Happier

  • Live Longer

Get all this…. and more, along with the Safest and Most Technical Bathtub on the Planet…

The Benefits and Features on this Miraculous Bathtub are Astounding.

The Ultimate Healing Bathtub comes standard with:

  • 4-Computers (YES -I said Four CPU’s)

  • Drains in 10-15 Seconds

  • Equipped with a Catch Basin Reservoir underneath the bathtub to allow for quick drainage

  • The Pressurized Door Seal is the same seal the United States Air Force uses on the F-18 Fighter Jet Plane to seal the Canopy to the top of the Cockpit

  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Main Frame that will stay 99% Bacterial Free

  • Removable Medical Grade Stainless Steel Drain Filter for easy maintenance along with access to the main floor drain

  • 2-12 Volt Back-Up Batteries in case of a power failure

  • Numerous Fail -Safe Features-In case of Power Failure this bathtub automatically Drains in 10-15 seconds, then the door drops so you can get out of the bathtub

  • The door rises from underneath the bathtub for maximum immersion and has 3-positions (Down, Center and Top)

  • Weight of less that one (1) pound of force to open and close the door

  • Door Automatically Latches

  • Easy Ingress and egress from a walker or a wheelchair

  • The bathtub is at chair level for easy positioning

  • Extra foot drain so you can add more hot water without emptying the bathtub water too fast

  • Consumption of less than 40 Gallons of Water

  • Ships in 2-different pieces, that weigh 160 LBS each, for easy installation and attaches together with 4-screws

  • Low Voltage Heated Backrest (Low and High Heat positions)

  • Soft Gel Pillow

  • Numerous Self-Cleaning and Self-Drying Air Jets placed along the entire length of the bathtub that shoot millions of gentle massaging bubbles

  • No chance of contamination and residue buildup from use of soaps and oils

  • Upper Control Panel so you can control all of the benefits and features of the Ultimate Healing Bathtub with a push of a button

  • Hand Held Sprayer for simple caregiving and easy cleaning

  • Dual-Temperature Water Control Valve

  • Anti-Scald Valve so the hot water can’t burn you

  • Water Volume Valve

  • Door latches in center position for easy usage for a care giver or to bathe children and pets

  • Requires 1-110 -20-amp Duplex Receptacle

  • Water and Drain lines come equipped with quick connecting couplings for easy installation

  • Shell is made of Acrylic not Fiberglass for easy patching in case bathtub gets damaged

  • Back and Foot Message Air Jets

  • Grab Bar inside bathtub for Safety Access and Egress

  • At no point is the user standing in the Bathtub, so there is no chance of slipping or falling

  • Ultimate Healing Bathtub dimensions fit easily into existing bathrooms (60” X 32” X 42”)

  • Extra Long Ultimate Healing Bathtub Dimensions (72” X 32” X 42”)

  • Chromotherapy

Bring dignity, autonomy and relaxation back into the bathing experience with this remarkable Ultimate Healing Bathtub.

If you are interested in the Ultimate Healing Bathtub Call 888-804-7775 now and schedule a Free In-Home Consultation.